J24 Equipment & Lines

Pura Vida, CAN 4468, is a 1988 TPI J/24 that won the Ontario J/24 Championship in its first year as Psychopath. The original owner took quite a bit of flack for the name since he was a very high profile banker. The boat then changed name to Pura Vida when Ken Clarke from PCYC purchased it. The gelcoat is grey but was later painted with Fighting Lady Yellow from Interlux when Clarke had Pura Vida parked next to the famous Blind Squirrel at the 2002 Worlds in Kingston. We are often asked if Pura Vida is the famous mystical 2000 and 2002 World Champion.

J24 Line lengths:

Main halyard 8mm / 22m
Jib halyard 6mm / 22m
Spinnaker halyard 6mm / 22m
Main sheet 8mm / 19m
Jib sheet 8mm / 15m
Spinnaker sheet 8mm / 16m
Topping lift 6mm / 14m
Downhaul 6mm / 8m
Backstay 6mm / 10m
Vang 8mm / 4.5m
Vang 6mm / 1.5m
Twing 6mm / 7m
Traveller control pair 6mm / 2m x2
Main cuningham 6mm / 4.5m
All lines are Gottifredi Maffioli with Dyneema core. All lines lengths are a little longer than minimum but it lets you cut to the length you prefer.

We are proud to have a New Zealand Sparloft mast and boom.

We use North Sails 3DL Newport genoa and main sail and a FR-2 North Spinnaker.

Our keel was done by Dirk Kneulman from Ontario Yachts. It is not a classic minimum class spec keel design.

We use Ronstan calibrated turnbuckles.

All lines are Gottifredi Maffioli Dyneema Fiber.


Traveller, Backstay, Twing, Jib and Main Cunningham

Jib Halyard

Jib Sheet

Main Sheet

Spinnaker Halyard

Spinnaker Sheets

Topping Lift

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