Nothing like a good J24 broach video

I was surfing youtube for J24 videos and came upon this one.  So what would you have done to save it!


3 thoughts on “Nothing like a good J24 broach video

  1. I’ll take a shot at arm chair analysis.
    1. No one watching wind behind and calling gusts etc.
    2. not aggressive with sheet or twings
    3. pole height
    4. no one on guy adjustment.
    5. of course, who can forget, the skipper should be screaming way more for me to be fully comfortable….

    • 1. LOL to point number five above. No screaming required. Top crews have no need to talk at all on board.
      2. Helmsman is steering from the wrong side of the boat. (should have able to save this)
      3. Tweaker is not let off
      4. It is very hard to tell if a bad wave simply knocked these guys over however many of above posted also apply. Sure looks like a nice day for sailing.

  2. This comment was on the Facebook page.
    From Owen Miller:
    Pole was too far forward causing leeward breaks and eventually a complete collapse which caused the driver to come up and with the kite over trimmed due to collapse it was over
    February 27 at 9:32pm · Like
    Jean Levac: If the trimmer was communicating better with the helm, maybe the helm wouldn’t have compensated so much…?
    February 27 at 9:48pm · Like
    Owen Miller: No more like if trimmer has squared the pole it would have been avoided, driver is handcuffed when the kite is that unstable so hes just trying to stay down, the broach was inevitable as soon as the trimmer didn’t square after the gybe, he had 3-4 collapses to get the hint too…

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