Great video from the new J24 world champions!


Puma dismasts in the Volvo Ocean Race

I feel for six-time, yes six,  J24 World Champion Ken Read and his crew on PUMA Ocean Racing powered by BERG after their dismasting in the Volvo Ocean Race.  You can really see his disappointment in this video.  Although, not on the same scale, we dismasted in our first ever J24 regatta at the Canadians in 09.  It was our first summer in the boat.  I had spent countless hours preparing the boat.  Our crew was totally committed and eager.  The worse, it happened on the second race of the first day.  We finished in 7th during the first race.  The wind was piping with gust in the 30s.  The short chop was just too much.  We hit a good wave and when we landed, the rig came down.  The carnage was nothing compared to the disappointment of knowing that all the hard work, that yourself and the crew had put in, was dismantled without being able to put up a fight.

Lots of drama at the 2011 J24 Worlds

Tim Healy was given a DSQ after a protest hearing for an incident that occured in the 7th race.  ARG 5399 and ARG5447 both had a protest against Healy and Healy had a protest against ARG 5464 that was being heard this morning. This has dropped him out of 1st place and into 8th position.  Check out the results here.

Some cool videos are surfacing from the championship.  Check out his video from races 7 and 8.

J24 World Championships Day 4 – Healy still leads!

Matias Pereira of ARG 5454 and his crew had a spectacular day with two bullets.  Nonetheless, Tim Healy and his team on 11th Hour Racing have kept their lead with a 7 point spread between himself and Alejo Rigoni, ARG 5447. USA’s Mike Ingham is creeping up the standings and is now in 6th place.  The championship finishes tomorrow with two more races.

2011 J24 Worlds Day 3 Results – Tim Healy still in the lead!

Even with a black flag on day 3, Tim Healy and 11th Hour Racing have retained their lead.    Their BFD is their first drop.  I read the SI and didn’t read anywhere about a drop after 6 races but I’m sure I just glanced too quickly. His 18 point lead over Alejo Rigoni of Argentina is dominating to say the least.  The winds today are very light and could definitely create some change up in the standings.  North Sails has launched the 3dl San Diego design for this regatta.  I’m waiting to hear if anybody has been using one in Buenos Aires.  As a side note, 3 time J24 world champion Mauricio Santa Cruz was suppose to attend the Worlds but an issue with his boat and paperwork have kept his Bruschetta out of the championship.