J24 and the Pan Am Games

The Pan Am Games are being held right now in Puerto Vallarta and the action is very tight between the American team of Mollicone and the Brazilian team of Mauricio Oliveira.  You can find some nice race reports on Sailing World and lots of pics on various Facebook pages.  You can check out the results here.  I stole the pics from Skip Dieball’s Facebook page.  Thanks Skip!

In the States, the class is getting ready for the J/24 East Coast Championships.  Mark Hillman has secured a ton of sponsors and it looks like we will miss one good regatta.

Some interesting rule changes are being discussed and the primary one is the use of GPS.  You can read the proposals here.  I’ll post my thoughts later on this.


2 thoughts on “J24 and the Pan Am Games

  1. Hello Jean and J24 sailors in CDN. I report live from PV, participation in Pan Ams in the J24 fleet. Our crew is Andrew Burns lining in Washington DC, Graeme Clendenan of Vancouver and Gary Harmer and me of Winnipeg. The scores are wide yet the finishes tight. The USA and BRA had an outstanding battle in race 8. I would like to report better #’s but as our 2nd regatta our time on time has been terrific all thing considered. There are 7 boats, 4 pro teams, all heavily coached, 2 boats of 1yr old. Today is final race day and tomorrow the finals for top 5. As Mike Ingham says “start well, sail fast”. The J24 is an exceptional boat!

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