Beautiful race night!

What a beautiful race night.  The winds were W and NW from 12 to 20 knots, very light chop.  The atmosphere on the boat was very relaxed.  The crew work was again spot on!  I can’t say enough about the communication on board Pura Vida.  The wind  was swinging right for the most part of the night and then settled right before the race started.  This made it difficult to choose a side because we were afraid of the wind  backing back to its original heading.  This is the second race in a row that we lead mostly wire to wire.  But this is also the second race in a row that we have walked off the boat without a bullet.  Last week’s race was called off a few hundred meters before we crossed the finish line.  This week, we were over early, the dreaded OCS.  Disappointing, but again, it was a great team effort.  At one point, we need to bring the bullet home.  We’ll be going over our starting tactics to see what we need to work on.  Pierre on foredeck thought that if we were over early, it was by a few feet.  There was confusion with the RC where they fired three guns for a general recall yet the flags on the boat were saying individual recalls. That’s the beauty of sailing, there is always something to work on 🙂


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