Beer can racing and very light winds

We had a great time on the water yesterday. I can’t thank enough Jeff Moody for showing me how to helm in very light air, like he did at the Canadian Nationals last July. I was always frustrated by light air and tried to blame the boat for it. Well guess what, Pura Vida is a real beast in light air. We won the boat which we felt was very important to win because the wind was gradually shifting to the right. But we new that we needed to approach the windward mark from the left hand side because of the shore effect and the progressive shift to the left on the top half of the course. Our plan worked and we had a good lead that we protected for the whole race until a few minutes before crossing the finish line. The wind shifted 180 degrees and the RC called the race. Now that was frustrating. That is really too bad because we really built a great lead and the crew work was spot on. As frustrating as it was to lose a bullet on the first race of the fall series, this was a great confidence booster in light air.


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