J24 North Americans in Halifax starts tomorrow #det2011

The stage is set in Halifax for some great racing. Let’s put it simply, I wish we were there. The talent level is pretty incredible, Santa Cruz, Healy, Welles, Parker plus all the local sailors that could surprise. I’m also interested in seeing how Ted Bartlewski will do with Salsa. My feeling is they just figured out the boat and will be flying. Navtech.ca could be a threat as well as they have been nicely tuning up, they just have to stay away from the black flags. Sailing against the best of the best makes you realize how flat you really need to be and to have a boat that will point like mad.
BUT, the bonus out of all this, is the weather. Perfect sunny skies and lots of wind is in the forecast. It looks like tomorrow will be at the top end of the genoa. It will be interesting to see the performance of the three major sail lofts. Three time World Champion Santa Cruz is sporting his UK Santa Cruz, North Sails has the 3DL and Quantum is the latest World Champion using Technora. I will email Tim Healy to see if they have a new Genoa out for this regatta. I always found that the Quantum was great above 10 knots. The 3DL, which we have been using, has a great range. I haven’t used the newest Quantum or the UK, but this will be a great test if the wind range is 15 to 20.


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