The sailing has been good! #det2011

We’ve been blessed with really nice winds over the last two Thursday night races. We even had some gusts in the mid 30 knots which was awesome! That was our first night with the Gottifredi Maffioli Dyneema® Fibre sheets and halyards. Let’s just say that we broke them in that night! The crew has been gelling quite nicely and everyone is working together. That was one of our goals at the start of the year. Lots of discussions. I think that is one of the reasons why we took our first bullet this week. The winds were NNW 12-16 knots and the water was relatively flat. We were three J24 within a few boat lengths of each other at the 2nd leeward mark rounding. The leader went left and we went right following Jalapeno. We felt there was more pressure on the right and the wind was slowly shifting right as well. Jalapeno decided to do a loose cover on Woodjchuk and we were surprised as maybe a dozen boat lengths in front of him, there was a darker band of water that was probably going to lift us to the mark. The crew talked it over and we decided to keep going for the pressure. At that moment, we took the lead and rounded the windward mark in 1st. You could feel the excitement on the boat. All that being said, you can’t win without a dedicated crew. Thanks guys!


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