Bruschetta and Mauricio Santa Cruz win the J24 US Championship in Texas.

3-times J/24 World Champion, Mauricio Santa Cruz and his team pulled off one of the best final days of sailing in the J/24 class at the Layline They managed to win the championship by one point with two wins on the final day. This must have left Bob Harden of Mr. Happy somewhat disappointed. He was leading the regatta coming into Saturday that was mostly under blade condition. This is a great lead up to next year’s Worlds in Rochester. Santa Cruz, a Brazilian, has affiliated himself with UK Halsey sailmakers’ J/24 program. I’ll be contacting him in the next few days to have some insights from his boat. The J/24 Class has decided to go full out social media and to bring the class into the age of engagement! The races were transmitted live via twitter @j24nationals. It was a nice addition, but what I really like are the photo galleries. Here are the pictures from photographer Bruce McDonald. Thank you Bruce!

Click on the pictures and you will be brought to the full gallery.

Thursday’s photos:

Friday’s photos

Saturday’s photos

Here are the final results:

2011 J/24 US National Championship Results


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