What a great night on the water! #det2011

It was an awesome and humbling night on the water yesterday evening. We welcomed our new crew member, Jonathan Clarke as well as our returning friends Jonathon and Pierre! It was fun to rig the boat after such a long layoff. We were greeted with constant 14 knot winds out of the NW. Maybe 5 minutes after settling down and putting the genoa up, all hell broke loose. The wind shifted 180 degrees to the SE with a micro burst easily in the mid 20s. I didn’t even have time to think and we rounded up pretty badly 🙂 Paula was saved from the cold water by Jonathon. She was soaking. I’m sure the keel saw some fresh air. It was a great humbling reminder of the power of the windshifts and the cold water. We continued on and the wind settled from the SE. We found our routine again and the boat seemed to have good speed and point. We had fun playing against Spaceball, a J/22. All in all, it was a great prep for next week’s race and we enjoyed a beautiful setting sun!


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