Going, going, going…gone! #det2011

Oracle Racing’s AC45 multi took a nose dive during a test event. I must say that these boats are pretty cool and must be intense in stronger winds. I wouldn’t want to put up the cash for maintenance…


Getting It Done With Fiberglass #det2011

It was busy today at the Nepean Sailing Club. Lots of people took advantage of the sunshine for a few hours. The fiberglass work is done and I just need to make it pretty with some West Epoxy filling. The season starts next Thursday with our first practice race.
The J24 class has been very busy for the last month. Peter Bream just won the Easter Regatta in South Carolina and Mike Ingham won at the Charleston Race Week. CRW is really growing as a regatta week. I’ll have to study their model to see if we can “steal” some ideas for the NOD. Both regattas had wind issues, either too strong or not strong enough.
CRW results:
Easter Regatta results:
and Easter Regatta photos:

Some boats are already in the water.

Happy Earthday!

Finally, the sun is out, the weather is warming up! It’s great and on top of it, Mother Earth is having her birthday today! Sailing has really given us the opportunity to enjoy what she has to offer. The wind, the sun, the water, the friendships. That’s what it’s all about. Here’s a link to a few things we can do to help her out:


and for the sailors and regatta organizers:



Fiberglass Work Sucks

I started work this afternoon on Pura Vida. The cover is off, the bilge is dry, and overall, we’re ready for the season… except for some fiberglass work I have to do 😦 We had a port starboard collision at the Changing of the Colours late last year with Elle. Not fun. Yes we were at fault, but the funny thing is the damage was done when we were doing our turns. For some reason, Elle came out of no where and tboned us a full speed…

Canada challenging for the Americas Cup

Lots of rumours circulating but apparently, Canada will challenge for the America’s Cup. Lots of stories were written about University of Ottawa graduate and Toronto investment banker, Kevin Reed being part of a challenge. As of yesterday, 15 teams from 12 countries have submitted their documents. Check out these links.