I received the email from @SailingDyneema yesterday telling me that we will be provided with Gottifredi Maffioli ropes. I’m pretty excited! At first, I didn’t recognize some of the sheets and halyards they thought would be optimal for the J/24. But after spending some time with their catalogue, they were right on the money. The main ingredient of their ropes is the dyneema core SK-75. This strand yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and is stronger than wire rope constructions – yet it floats. Crazy.
Check out the website http://www.gottifredimaffioli.com

Check out this video on splicing Swiftcord.


Dyneema Experience!

It’s now official, Pura Vida has been selected as part of  the ‘2011 Dyneema® Experience Team’.  The boat will be completely re-rigged with Dyneema® ropes.  This will be a great opportunity to discuss various companies under the Dyneema® umbrella but most importantly, to increase sailing participation.  More details to come but we are excited to take part in this great opportunity.