3dl Genoa

Fawn-Liebowitz with new 3DL North Sails genoa

One of the first thing I decided to do in this campaign is to try to have fresh sails for the bigger regatta. In 2009, we jumped on the Technora Quantum genoa, in 2010 we jumped at the North Sails Twaron and in 2011 we will be racing with the new North Sails 3Dl genoa. We really noticed a speed difference in Marblehead against the few boats who were testing the 3dl. We usually have really good speed but we just couldn’t keep up with the few 3dl boats. This was later confirmed in Lake George. Sure those boats were sailed by some of the top j24 sailors in the world, but our speed was the same with the boats using the Twarons or Technora. It still is a team game where tactics and strategy decide the outcome, but you need to have the boats on a level playing field.
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