It Was a Good Year!

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It was a great year with a lot of insights on big fleet racing. We finished our racing season with the Changing of the Colors in Lake George, NY. What a great venue with great organizers! We finished 29th out of 50 some boats. It was a bit of a disappointment as we entered the second day with a 31, 21 and 15th. We got off slow still learning the crazy wind patterns and famous cat’s paws on Lake George. Once we found our gear, we felt great for the second day. We had a great first half to the first race on the second day. We were in the top 7 until we were involved in a star-port collision where we were at fault. We thought we heard the other boat tell us to go ahead as we were in front of them. We ended up crash tacking and they hit our stern – a little rub. Our fault but as we were doing our 360s they tboned us and punctured our gunwhale. I still have no idea why they hit us. All I know is they were swearing like mad. This one was not our fault but we did not file a protest… we should have as they were unsportsmanlike. Anyways, the wind was picking up and we lost all confidence and motivation on the boat. We went from 7th to 35th. I felt like going home and packing it in after that race but we kept racing and finished a poor 39th which was our drop. Congrats to Flip Whrheim and 2329 Bomba Flipper for their great win which included 3 bullets. They were using the new North Sails 3Dl genoa. This sail seems to have another gear as we saw at the US Nationals as well. We’ll be receiving ours in March 2011! All in all, it was a great season in 2010. I feel the boat is just as fast as any out there but we need to find a little more point . I’ll keep you posted on our sked next year.
Cheers and Happy New Year to all!

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