We finished last weekend in 2nd position at the Nepean One Design in the J/24 class.  We were tied for first but after the drops, we dropped to second to John Rae’s team, Jalapeno.  This was our first regatta with this crew.  This was a great team building experience and I believe strongly that we have put a team that has a lot of fun on the water!  Racing was a bit fluky for the first two races.  We rounded the windward mark in first on the last leg of the first race but Jalapeno and Tequila found a small band of wind to pass us while we were sitting windless…. that’s racing! I’m proud of our third race.  The gun went off and we were pushed over early by Tequila and had to dip down the line while everybody took off with speed.  Our tactics and crew work were excellent and we almost passed tequila for second position!  We really clawed our way up. We were shocked to see that we actually took a bullet on that race since almost every boat was over early and we were the only one to go back! We excelled Sunday with a second and a bullet.  We manage to find our downwind speed.  We thought we were the slowest downwind boat in the fleet but now we have found our speed and we were actually able to pull away on downwind legs.  We had a ton of fun and now we look forward to the US Nationals in Marblehead and the Changing of the Colours in the fall.


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